Lighting is an important aspect of the bathroom and can influence the final result dramatically (negative or positive). Of-course we go for a positive result. With the expertise of Modular and Decor Walther the latest technique is in reach of you.

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  • DW BOX div copy

    Decor Walther Box series

    De Box serie is available in several lenghts and can be ordered in chrome or brushed nickel.  Lightin is by means of led which is dimable.  Versions which can attached to the top of a mirror are also sold.

  • DW Cube lamp

    Decor Walther Cube

    Cube is a square shaped fixture of chrome with satined glass windows.  Ideal aside a mirror.

  • DW Moon

    Decor Walther Moon

    Moon is an adjustable round wallfixture in chrome with satined glass.

  • DW Omega 2 copy

    Decor Walther Omega 2

    Decor Walther Omega 2 is a simple fixture for a tubelamp with 1 connection.  The finish is in chrome or brushed nickel.

  • DW Tube

    Decor Walther Tube

    Decor Walther Tube is a ceiling suspended lamp of chrome with halogene lighting and is used as decorative lighting with a.o. bathfurniture.

  • DW Vienna

    Decor Walther Vienna

    Decor Walther Vienna is a wall light in Art Deco style; it has a chrome with satined glass appearance and works with PL light.  Two sizes are available.


    Modular Duall Surface

    The Duall Surface Led ceilinglamp is pivotable and available in black or white.
    In inside can be choosen in gold, white or black.


    Modular Duell bronze black

    Duall Bronze black Led wall fixture with up and down lighting. Other colors are white and black, inside can be choosen in gold, white or black.


    Modular Mini Multiple Trimless

    This led built-in spotlight for the ceiling is adjustable in many directions and can be ordered in white or black. The box that holds the spot can be flush fitted with the plastrework in the ceiling.