AdHoc Piggy radiator

Radiators and towel warmers are nowadays also subject to design, with a sometimes surprising result. AdHoc and Tubes are two of the brands that stand out in this field.

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  • ciussai

    AdHoc Ciussai

    AdHoc Ciussai flexible hose radiator, winner of a Red Dot Award, is probably one of the most unlikely radiators you have ever seen.  However; it works!

  • adhoc_staande_empire

    AdHoc Empire

    AdHoc Empire floor and wall attached towel radiator in crome is suitable for a classic bathroom interior.

  • sbox_01

    AdHoc S-box en shelf

    AdHoc S-box and shelf are in brushed stainless steel and invisably connected to the central heating.  It is an original way of warming your towels.

  • tekne_70_01

    AdHoc Tekne

    AdHoc Tekne standing or wallmounted radiator is made of polished stainless steel and available in various widths.

  • upper_alu_02

    AdHoc Upper

    AdHoc Upper towelradiator is made of brushed or polished stainless steel, aluminium or in color.  It comes in 150, 180 or 210cm height and 35 or 50cm width.  It can be used on centrale heating, electric or both.

  • tubes_add-on_8(0) klein

    Tubes Add-on

    This series can be composed by connecting parts to form a wall radiator or in this case a space partisian.  Many colours are available.


    Tubes Scaletta

    The Scaletta radiator is plug and play; a generous cable can be wound down to the nearest electrical socket and give you instant warmth for your towels.
    A large one (shown) and a smaller one are available in many RAL colours.


    Tubes Scaletta

    Another colour example of the Tubes Scaletta electric towelheater.

  • slide_tubes_tbt_klein

    Tubes TBT

    A source of heat in the bathroom in the shape of tubes.