A Freestanding bath suggests ample space in the bathroom, especially in an eggshape when a lot of floorspace is visible.




A bath is the eyecatcher in the bathroom. Producers like Inbani, Jee-O, KOS and Rifra have all well understood this. They supply very beautiful freestanding and built-in baths. It is a key factor in the design of a bathroom. Rifra hires renowned designers like Hannes Wettstein and Castiglia Associati.
The big baths of KOS can be used as mini swimmingpool inside or outside, the smaller can be used in practicaly every bathroom. O-Jee is a Dutch company producing and supplying baths and faucets far beyond our borders.

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  • GOUT_Freestanding-Solidsurface-bathtub_03-757x900

    Inbani Gout

    Inbani Gout freestanding bath in Solidsurface matt white.
    Dimensions: 175x100x51cm

  • 06_KA_Solidsurface-bathtub_01-1200x900

    Inbani Ka

    Inbani Ka freestanding in Solidsurface matt white.
    Dimensions 200x90x60cm, extension seat is optional.

  • 02_MOON_Freestanding-Solidsurface-bathtub_01-1200x900

    Inbani Moon

    Inbani Moon is a freestanding round bath made of Solidsurface matt white.
    Dimensions: 135x49cm

  • INBANI-2016-9-70001-4-675x900

    Inbani Origin

    Inbani Origin freestanding bath in matt of glossy Ceramilux.
    Dimensions 105x55cm

  • INBANI-2016-9-3655-1-600x900

    Inbani Prime

    Inbani Prime freestanding bath  in Solidsurface matt white by Norm Architects.
    Afmetingen 175,5x82x53cm

  • INBANI-2016-9-70380-1-675x900

    Inbani Prime Suite

    Inbani Prime Suite freestanding bath in Solidsurface matt white with one elevated side.
    Dimensions: 180x100x53/65,5cm

  • TEMPLE_Freestanding-Solidsurface-bathtub_03-1350x900

    Inbani Temple

    Inbani Temple freestanding bath in Solidsurface matt white.
    Dimensions: 180x90x54cm

  • THINTHING_Freestanding-Solidsurface-bathtub_01-688x900

    Inbani Thinthing

    Inbani ThinThing freestanding bath is made of Solidsurface matt white.
    Dimensions: 157x70x66,3cm

  • INBANI-2016-9-70331-665x900

    Inbani Vesta

    Inbani Vesta freestanding bath in  Solidsurface matt white.
    Dimensions: 160x80x55cm