Rifra K-One in cemento

The name Rifra stands for Rivolta Fratello: brothers Rivolta, a family owned company. Since 1990 this company supplies us with high quality bath furniture but alongside also baths, lamps and accessories were later introduced.

Since 2 years they are also active as kitchensupplier. Everything is made, lacquered and constructed in house. Their slogan therefore is “Kitchens and Bathrooms from Milano”.

Inbani is a Spanish producer of baths and bathfurniture. They are trendsetter in this field and introducé regular new inspiring designs.

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  • INBANI 2015 6 55061

    Inbani Origin

    Detail of the rounded edges in washbasin and furniture.

  • INBANI 2015 6 55052

    Inbani Origin

    A furniture with softly rounded edges in the furniture as well as the washbasin.

  • INBANI 2015 6 55127

    Inbani Strato

    Inbani Strato in Raw Oak with an open metal container for  storage of f.e. towels in a matching colour.

  • Inbani test

    Inbani Strato

    Inbani Strato is a series with lots of possibilities and where furniture can be made bespoke at no extra costs.

  • INBANI 2015 6 55125

    Inbani Strato

    Inbani Strato built-in mirror cabinets combined with a Wild Oak furniture with open metal cupboard. The mirror cabinets also have an open metal storage compartment.

  • INBANI 2015 6 54949

    Inbani Strato

    Standing furniture with high washbasin; the grain and pattern of the wood is continued on all three drawers.

  • INBANI 2015 6 54857

    Inbani Strato

    Furniture with glass front and side panels and top with washbasin also made of glass.  Various measurements, colours with or without open metal cupboard.

  • b2k7

    Rifra B2K

    Rifra B2K has a “floating” top with integrated washbasin in glass or Corian with front and sides finished margrated for easy access to the drawers.

  • raw-kfly-bath-vanity-in-raw-oak-clay-05

    Rifra Fly

    A “hovering” top is the hallmark of this series; the washbasins can either be placed on the top, semi built-in or built-in and supplied in various materials.